About Us

What once started as a group of dedicated Latin dancers who recognized a need for quality Latin dance classes in Austin, Texas, established Inspired Movement in 2012. Founder and Director, Favian Bustos, aimed to bring world class Bachata training, classes, events, and instructors to Austin to build the knowledge and art of Bachata dancing. Expanding off of that idea, Inspired Movement started to recently include Salsa, Kizomba, and Zouk to cover the most popular trends of Latin dancing by exposing their students to not just one, but many different styles from all over the word. Come and be a part of the Inspired Movement family and feel inspired to move one dance at a time!

Mission Statement

"We are a motivated group of Inspired individuals united in the effort to join the Austin Latin dance community through instruction, social events, and passion for Movement."

What we offer

Black Belt Salsa

Every Tuesday at 7pm


Made famous by Edie "the Salsa freak," Black Belt Salsa is sure to give you a challenge and teach you what it means to be a hardcore Salsa dancer. Our Salsa dance classes build off of the fundamentals and use a mastery pairing system that matches you to your current skill level and allows you to grow from there. Come and see why Black Belt Salsa works and produces amazing Salsa dancers.

IM Bachata

Every Tuesday at 8:30pm   

The original IM Bachata directed by Favian Bustos has been the longest running Bachata class in Austin. Known to be a fun and challenging curriculum, IM Bachata teaches both Dominican Bachata and modern sensual Bachata to give you a comprehensive Bachata dancing experience.

IM Kizomba

Every Monday at 7:00pm


Directed by Favian Bustos of Inspired Movement to create the leading Kizomba dance classes in Austin. IM Kizomba aims to produce the best Kizomba dancers in the nation with a progressive curriculum that gives each student the ability to learn at their own pace. Learn what it really means to feel your partner and challenge your dance in our Kizomba classes.  

IM Zouk

Every Monday at 8:30pm


IM proudly serves as the pioneers in Zouk, not only for Austin, but the entire state of Texas. Stay up to date on upcoming Zouk events or take a private lesson to learn what this dance is all about. Find your full potential in a beautiful, sensual Brazilian style of dance and get to know the amazing group of people dedicated to this dance and art.


4201 S Congress Ave #108 

 Austin, TX 78745