Zach Rusk

AIM has fun classes! SamanthaEsperanza Lee and I went to a bachata class and enjoyed it. We will come back :)

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Jules Williams

Last night was my first time dancing Bachata. I was a little nervous at first, but the instructor did a great job at explaining the moves and making us all feel comfortable. The energy and vibe in the entire building was electric and welcoming. Can't wait to go back!

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Apollonia Chantre

Omg! This experience was unforgettable!! My husband is Cuban and does all his cultural dances very well Merengue, Bachata, & Salsa! Well he isn't the best teacher (he goes too fast) so I decided to go to a class because I wanted it more broken down and boy did I get what I desired!! I LEARNED A WHOLE NEW 6 MOVES IN ONE NIGHT BECAUSE THE TEACHERS THERE ARE EXCEPTIONAL!!! And they have a social so you can practice what you learn after the dance classes!! Also THE PEOPLE THERE ARE SO NICE!! There are men and women and everybody dances with everybody and the partners you dance with are so patient and kind!!! I discovered this place by giving an Uber ride to a couple there one Saturday night and per their recommendation I decided to check it out!! And I am soooooo glad I did!!! Thanks Austin Inspired Movement!!

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Donna Blodgett

I have been dancing for three years and found this is THE PLACE to learn dance and be part of a warm and encouraging community of forever friends! Beginners can come and feel comfortable learning without feeling judged or self conscious because groups within classes are formed based on levels of experience. I would say the best in Austin but I would have to say one of the very best in the USA (as I have been to CA, NY, MA and CO for dance.)

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Jonathan Stuart

Hi! my fiancée and I attended are first salsa lesson with inspired movement last Tuesday. We are both beginners and it was a great experience. The instructors were great and patient. They separated us into groups based on our levels, which helped us focus on introductory steps and techniques. During the group sessions, we also received 
one on one instruction, which was very value-add to the experience. Overall, we would recommend Inspired Movement for beginners!

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Anthony Garcia

I attended the Salsa on 1 class. I am a beginner and the instructor, Nathan was very thorough, helpful and articulate. The staff also addressed my questions via Messenger regarding time and pricing. Highly recommend Inspired Movement.

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Melissa Arenas

Best instructors for zouk and Kizomba! Pure talent!

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Ross Krachey

I can’t wait to go back! Instructors were great, and the people more so. It’s a real community, and very welcoming.

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Corinne Vanvilet

My kids and I absolutely love dancing with Break Austin, at Inspired Movement! Gabriel has a natural gift with kids and adults! He is very talented and creative. I love seeing the kids weekly progress and the joy they get from dancing.

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Nwanneka Agumadu

"Favian Bustos, I just want to thank you so much for being the world's best instructor! For the past 3 weeks of taking private lessons from you, my life has changed. Even though I want to be a smoother salsa dancer, your tips have helped me be a better dancer in all my other dance styles! I want to lead as awesomely as you one day :)"

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