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Black Belt
Dance Curriculum

We designed a multi-level, progressive curriculum that allows you to grow from a beginner dancer to an advanced dancer. The colored tier system is designed to start with the foundations of the dance style. As you work your way through each belt level you gain the knowledge you need to become an advanced dancer. Each belt is an approximate 2 month curriculum but can be achieved faster depending on the dedication and investment of the student. All of our group classes labeled 'Black Belt (BB)' follow this multi-level curriculum.


Level Up  Monday


Every Monday come out to Inspired Movement to learn and improve your ON1 Salsa repertoire!

730 PM Salsa Technique Class (All Levels)

830pm Intro to Inspired On1 Salsa Group Classes

830pm Inspired BB (Black Belt) On1 Salsa Group Classes


$15 per Group Class

$30 for both Group Classes


Join us every Tuesday to learn and improve

your Salsa and Modern Bachata dance.

Our multi-level system accommodates to

all levels of dance,

from a day one dancer to the most experienced. 

After group classes, 

practice what you learn with our Sensual Tuesday Social!

7pm Intro to Inspired On1 Salsa Group Classes

7pm Inspired BB On1 Salsa Group Classes

815pm Intro to Inspired Bachata Group Classes

815pm Inspired BB Bachata Group Classes

930pm - 1230am Social


$15 per Group Class

(the social is included with group class purchase)

$30 for both Group Classes

$10 Social Only

Inspired Zouk Wednesdays

Every Wednesday join our Inspired Movement Instructors as they teach the foundations of Zouk from Day One to Advanced technique and style. Following our group classes, let the fun continue with our Zouk Social!

730pm Int/Adv Zouk Classes with Collaborative Instructors  Elias Travers and Laura Dalava

830pm Intro to Inspired Zouk Classes

830pm Inspired BB Zouk Classes

945pm - 12am Zouk Social



$15 Zouk Group Class

$7 Social

Viva Mambo

Inspired Movement now has classes in North Austin (Location details below)

Every other Thursday join us for our Salsa On2 Classes (also known as Mambo) with the amazing Lisa Vargas! 

715pm Salsa On2 - Level 1 (Beginner)

8pm Salsa On2 - Level 2 (Novice)

845pm Salsa On2 - Level 3 (Intermediate/ Advanced)

930pm - 10pm Mambo Practica 


$15 per Group Class

(the practica is included with group class purchase)

$5 Practica Only

**IM memberships and IM Class Passes accepted**


Austin Uptown Dance

8868 Research BLVD. #706

Austin TX 78758

How Do I Sign UP for Group Classes?

  1. Download our app

  2. Make an account

  3. Check out the schedule to see what class you would like to attend

  4. Choose your purchase based on the class you would like to attend. See all options for a la carte per class ($15) or Memberships/Class Passes (to save money) - CHECK OUT our NEW STUDENT PACKAGEs

  5. Come to the studio! 

  6. Have your app open when you arrive and we will check you in super quick! 


Workshops and Other events

Outside of our weekly classes we host special events, workshops, weekenders, and more collaborative events! See our EVENT CALENDAR for this information.